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The new service outlet GES9-3 for underfloor systems

The new GES9-3 plastic service unit from OBO scores through two different outlet variants, a simplified mounting mechanism and a modified floor covering depth. The GES9-3 has been tested according to EN 50085-2-2 and is available in the three colours iron grey, graphite black and grey-beige.

The GES9-3 offers space for up to twelve Modul 45 installation devices.

Cover with handle clamp or locking slider

Two cover variants are available: The tried-and-trusted opening mechanics with handle clamp or the practical cover with locking slider. With both cover variants, the cord outlet is folded up after inserting the connection cables. This allows safe cable exits when the cover is closed.

Simply mounted

The installation in the mounting opening in the floor is now even simpler: There are universal fastening brackets attached to the carpet protection frame of the GES9-3 service outlet, which are fixed inwards in the as-delivered state. On screwing tight, they swivel outwards and fasten the carpet protection frame in the floor – thus, the installation engineer need not align the fastening bracket themselves.

Adjustable floor covering depth

The cover of the GES9-3 service outlet has a floor covering recess, in which the floor covering is fitted. With the GES9-3, the floor covering depth can be increased from 5 mm to 10 mm, in order to apply thicker floor coverings, such as laminate or thick carpets. In the as-delivered state, the floor covering depth is 5 mm.

Suitable for different underfloor systems

The GES9-3 service outlet can be used in various underfloor systems from OBO. One option is the screed-covered EÜK duct system. In this duct system, the service outlet is installed in underfloor sockets. In both versions, the open, screed-flush OKA trunking system is suitable for the GES9-3: OKA-G with flexible side walls and OKA-W with closed floor trough. System bases with plate thicknesses up to 65 mm are a further option.