The Quick pipe system – unfoldable for rapid surface installations

The ideal solution for rapid installations and retroinstallations

The Quick Pipe system combines the advantages of cable ducts and conventional electrical installation pipes to produce a single, intelligent system for surface-mounted installations. 

Cables are inserted in the open Quick pipe electrical installation pipes in the same way as with open cable ducts. After insertion of the cables, the Quick pipe is turned in the Quick clip and thus locked tight. Retroinstallation is also no problem, because a twist is all it takes to open the Quick pipe again.

All the Quick pipe system components such as 90° bends, T pieces and connection sleeves are available in the four metric sizes M16, M20, M25 and M32. You can order Quick pipe electrical installation pipe separately in 2 metre lengths – or in a handy complete set including the matching Quick clips.

  • After the cable is inserted, the Quick pipe electrical installation pipe is simply twisted in the Quick clip to securely lock it in place. Retroinstallations possible without any fuss.
  • The Quick pipe hinge consists of a highly elastic soft component: You can open and close the Quick pipe electrical installation pipe as often as you like.
  • All the electrical installation pipes and fittings of the Quick pipe system are VDE-tested according to DIN EN 50085-1.

Interconnectable fittings – reliable protection of cables with the IP44 protection rating

The Quick pipe fittings, consisting of two halves, are simply clipped together, thus connecting even standard electrical installation pipes quickly and simply. Repeated opening of the fittings for retroinstallations is also easy: Just apply a screwdriver to the opening slit, turn it and you're done. If Quick pipe electrical installation pipes and fittings are fastened with Quick clips , the Quick Pipe system offers a protection rating of IP44.

Quick clips are the ideal fastening for the Quick Pipe system. Using their arrangement contour, you can interconnect Quick clips with ease, thus mounting up to three clips with a single drill hole. 

Quick clips can be fastened particularly efficiently and quickly with the Quick clip impact tie 910 SD-Q 6x40. Clip and tie are knocked in together – without the need for lengthy screwing in of the screw. 

The innovative clamp clips are suitable for cable diameters between 15.5–63 mm as well as for all metric pipe sizes from M16 to M63. High pipe extraction values of up to 230 N guarantee a secure hold of the system on walls and ceilings.

The Quick pipe connection sleeve connects two Quick pipe electrical installation pipes quickly and reliably.

T branches are also no problem with the Quick pipe T piece: Simply attach them to the Quick pipe electrical installation pipes, clip them together, and you're done.

The shape of the Quick pipe 90° bend is ideally suitable for internal and external corner installations.

The Quick pipe shears allow exact, burr-free shortening of Quick pipe electrical installation pipes with diameters between M16 and M32.

Product video ‒ the Quick pipe system

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